v10 Indoor Training with target power (ERG) broken

I did a Indoor Ride using my Trainings which I created via Garmin Connect. The Trainings always refer to my target power zones. Until v10, it all worked well. I selected the training, pressed start and the Edge told the trainer how many watt's to setup.

With v10. This behaviour has changed. It now setups target grade instead of target power. I manually have to go to Training -> Indoor Trainer -> Set target power -> Enter value to get it working in ERG mode.

When the first segment is finished, until v9.5 it just sets the new target power value. With v10, it sets target grade again, this resulting in a complete wrong setup and I have to manually set the target power once again through the menu.

This is pretty useless now.

However, i saw in the Changelog for v9.5 it states:

Indoor Riding Improvements:
- Added the ability to set target grade in the context menu for Indoor Trainer Rides

Maybe this gets somehow forced in v10?

It's definitely reproducable. Below to the left is what should be setup, middle is what's actually getting set and to the right is the workout itself showing powerzones.