Screen with blue halo - replacement cost?

2 year old 1030 with blue haloed screen... been like it since about 3 months old.... haven’t bothered about it but now it’s an issue as I’ve just started using a varia, and the indicator strip is in the hard to see area.

my question is, is Garmin going to charge me for a change over for this well known fault? Or will they do it for free given it’s not fit for purpose?

  • Get in touch with support. Take a few pictures. They will swap yours for a reconditioned one for a fee or who knows may waive the fee. I read about the halo. Mine started last Fall. Thin line. I traded it for a refurb but was just at the one year mark. Can’t hurt to ask. Oh if you go back up you stuff. There is a how to on the Garmin support. Also a refurb comes and need to be updated. Maps update last. 

  • I had the same issue when I contacted Garmin they offered me a Newly Overhauled replacement with a 90 day warranty for £128.24. 

  • Call support. They know there was an issue with some screens. It is actually the screen delaminating from the digitizer. Mine did he same thing and they replaced it. It will continue to happen the longer you use it. 

  • My 1030 is just two years old.  I noticed the perimeter blue halo yesterday for the first time.  I went into a chat session on Garmins site, gave them my serial number and location and within a minute, had an emailed order form link sent to me for a no cost exchange.  I opted to pay a fully refundable deposit so that they would ship out the replacement immediately instead of waiting until they had my returned unit.  Pretty painless.

  • Depends on country. There are official distributors who has never ever heard about screen halo blue problem. For me it took half (!) year and many-many hours emailing with Garmin Europe. Finally I might get a refurb one as the same holder on the handlebar was not fit exactly into that. I mean it can turn right or left more easy than the previous one. Does not fit into the holder in 100%.

    So in case of difficulties (mainly non-direct Garmin country, where Garmin does not have their own site) just contact a higher level distributor.

    Garmin is not a cheap one, and they should sell quality for our money.

    Similar problem in case of Vector 3. While other countries Garmin send the 4th version of battery bay an cover, until in some non-direct Garmin country this is a full pain in the a*s to get the factory warranty for the money.

    So talk to them and in most of the country they will help. For 1030 you have only 1 year warranty but for me they replaced it.

    On the other hand the most recent beta sw is extremely slow and there has been a big silent for months and additionally 1030 price went down. So it may be possible there will be a new device soon. If you are lucky you may get that one. Who knows. :)

  • I’d be pretty pissed off with that result!

  • Contact Garmin support. I had this problem and after contacting support they where very helpful and replaced my 1030. They also allowed me to made the replacement in the winter months when I do not use it that much.