Pairing of EDGE 1030 to Iphone

I have had the Edge 1000 and bought Edge 1030 to bether connect my IPhone. I does not work at all. 

Have tried everything and no connection for SMS and calls !!!!!


  • You must provide much more information if want assistance. 

    1) did you pair Bluetooth ? Both of them. BT and BLE. You MUST have two different bluetooth connections active

    2) Do you keep the Garmin Connect Mobile app active. It can be in the background on the phone but it MUST be opened/loaded

    3) Did you enable the notifications you ask for in the Edge, under Connected Features and Phone if I recall. But it could also be in the GCM app. There are now separate activation switches for different type of notifications.

    4) Did you follow the instructions to enable the said notifications in your iOS notification center. Garmin provide the steps. For for notification to show on the Edge it must be enable in the iOS centre, and also with certain specific settings. The Edge mirror the notifications from the phone so if not enabled on the phone it won't show on the Edge, even if enabled ont the Edge.

    The Edge 1030 had paring issues but in general it works and must of the time when it doen't it is because the user didn't follow or missed a configuration step. 

    Lots of useful information here

  • Hello

    Since you are here you may want to go ahead and try the newest beta software version :

    If you prefer an official release software please update your device to ver 9.1 using Garmin Express.

    Lets make sure your Iphone is on the current version (13.4)

    As mentioned you should have two instances of the Edge 1030 in your IOS Bluetooth settings under My Devices. They do not necessarily need to show connected, they just need to be in the list. Manually connecting to them through your IOS Bluetooth settings will do you no good as the app determines when it needs to be connected to each of the two bluetooth connections individually.

    If these steps do not resolve the issue please reach out to us through for more assistance.