How to re-cycle the battery

This may sound strange but let me tell you still winter at my place with subzero, my bike gear is well packed away in my basement.

Somewhere back 2-3 months ago I charged the Edge 1030 last time and left it on the bike with GPS ON to drain slowly in standby, checked couple days ago still more then 50%. 

How can I empty the battery to re-cycle with charging? also the front light I turn it ON but once the Edge is ON all goes to sleep (or standby)

  • It's Lithium Ion not NiCad so doesn't suffer from memory effect. No need to fully discharge it before charging. Actually going from fully charged to fully discharged is more likely to reduce battery life than maintain it. Charge it up again by all means but don't worry about fully discharging it.

    For the sake of completeness to your question you can turn off auto sleep under each activity profile (Auto features menu), but I'd advise you not to :-)

  • To minimise the degradation of recoverable capacity, lithium batteries should be stored at about 40% charge and a cool temperature. For example, when stored for a year at 40% charge and 0°C, a lithium battery retains about 98% of its previous capacity. At 100% charge and 0°C, it retains 94%. If stored for the same time at 25°C, the respective capacity figures become 96% at 40% charge and 80% at 100% charge.

  • To add to AuldNik's response - storing it at 100% permanently degrades the battery.  Also flattening it to 0% (as displayed by the unit) also permanently degrades the battery.  NEVER intentionally cycle Lipo's unless you have money to burn.  Generally you want to keep it above 30% and below 90% to make it last as long as possible.  Storing at 40-50% is near perfect.  Same goes for phones and pretty much everything else with Lithium-Ion based batteries.  Luckily the battery meter on the unit isn't actually reflecting the actual battery storage.  If you took the battery down the actual 0% you would run the risk of a fire when charging it again, and same thing in reverse with the actual 100%.  100% as displayed in the modern LiPo era is probably closer 90%, and 0% is probably around 20-30% as a safety precaution.