Data not saved in History Edge 1030

Hello everybody,

I've already spent quite a few hours searching for an answer on the Internet, maybe someone can help me here.

I recently received an Edge 1030 replacement device, and before the change, I saved all recorded activities to an SD card. Now the SD card is back in the new
Edge, I can no longer see the old recorded tours, so I copied the recordings in the Activities folder directly to the Edge. Also these are not shown to me on
the Edge, if after the successful copying I go back to the folder via the PC there are three arbitrary records in it, I can delete them too, they keep coming
back. In Connect only, I no longer see newly recorded tours on the Edge, instead the memory is completely filled with Zwiftindoor and strength training activities,
neither of which I record with the Edge. When I delete the stuff directly from the Edge manually after turning it off and on again its all back in there and
some of them even as a double entry. I have already reset the device and put it on again, unfortunately it did not work. Thank you very much!!! Kind regards
  • What you are seeing is summary activities that are there because Physio True up has been enabled for the device. These files are stored in the Garmin\Summary folder, but will show under history when viewed through the UI. 

    You can switch Physio True-up off for this unit in Garmin Connect Mobile or in Garmin Connect.