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New Edge 1030 and Edge 1030 Bontrager Version 8.00 Now Available

Firmware version 8.00 for the Edge 1030 and Bontrager Edge 1030 is now available. This update can be downloaded through Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile when available.

Phased Roll Out is at 100%

Changes made from version 7.50 to 8.00:

  • Training Load Focus. Low Aerobic, High Aerobic, and Anaerobic stats are tracked over a 4 week window and the user should be able to track what needs to be focused on.
  • Two-way setting sync. Changes to some settings made on the Edge (zones, user profile, etc) will now be uploaded to Garmin Connect.
  • Heat/Altitude Acclimation. Shows user's acclimation to different altitudes and hot/humid environments.
  • ClimbPro. See upcoming climbs while riding a course so you can prepare for needed effort
  • Power Curve tracking has been added to the My Stats menu.
  • Nutrition/Hydration tracking alerts
  • Training Plan Review Page Improvements
  • Workout Comparison Graph. Provides live feedback while executing a workout.
  • Widget Management. Disable and re-order items in the widget loop
  • Added ability to sort courses and workouts
  • Bike Theft Alarm. While armed, get alerted when your Edge device moves.
  • Find My Edge. Help find a misplaced Edge by making it beep or showing its last known location on your phone.
  • Grit/Flow (Mountain Bike Ride Types Only)
  • Jump Metrics (Mountain Bike Ride Types Only)
  • Added a new Popular data field category and generally improved the data field category order
  • Updated screen creation and editing flow (applies to eBike/STEPS, Lap Summary, Segment, and Data Screen)
  • Ability to swap data fields while in the timer loop on long press instead of edit only (additional tap required)
  • Updated battery icon to be more visible in some places
  • Incident detection setting is now active per profile instead of globally
  • Added ability to hide data screens without deleting them
  • Reordered settings to match the Edge 830, mainly splitting the growing number of settings into Safety & Tracking (Incident Detection, Get Assistance, Contacts, GroupTrack, Bike Alarm) and Connected Features (Phone, WiFi, Device Transfers)
  • Added ability to render Hebrew text (for incoming smart notifications). This requires additional font files. Follow instructions on separate forum post.