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What is the point of having a garmin forums site when no one from garmin every answers any questions? LIKE WTF? What is the *&#$ing POINT!

So I am reading tons of threads here and on the garmin 945 forum and all I see mainly is customers answering customers with best guess's.  I appreciate that this is a community and we are here to help each other out....  But Ive bought this year a garmin 1030, Varia radar, fenix 5x, forerunner 945 and a forerunner 245.  ALL of these items have issues from annoying to down right un *&&#ing safe.  I think with spending a few $1000.00 something would work.

Why the hell is there nobody from garmin answering our questions?

When is android bluetooth compatibility going to work and when will my phone stay connected?

When will my 1030 edge and my 945 have the same metrics so they are not screwing each other up?

When will my 1030 get the same features as a 530 that cost 1/2 as much?

When will the varia radar stop disconnecting from my edge and turning the varia light solid so that its not flashing and almost pointless to have?

When will incident detection work so my family will know that I'm dead because the varia disconnected, the light went solid and I got hit.  I'm now lying dead in the ditch.  It would be nice that somebody would be notified so they can call a meat wagon and scrape me off the road.

When will garmin stop screwing over there customers and fix *** that has not worked in 2 years?  And why the hell am I going to wait another year for features that cheaper devices already have?  I could have returned this 1030 inside the return window and got an 830 that might have resolved all these issues. Instead I was told they would be coming "SOON" and now we've swapped out a varia and gone to a edge 1030 from a bontrager 1030 and the same stuff is happening.