Disable recalculation completely

Is it possible to completely disable recalculation when riding a course file on the Edge 1030?

For years I have been using a program (Garminator) I wrote myself to create TCX course files. On the Edge 1030 I drop them in the NewFiles folder and after switching on the device it converts them to fit files in the Courses folder.
This program takes into account the NASA Aster GDEM Digital Elevation Map to determine the altitude at each point of the track. It also uses the yr.no website to determine the expected wind speed and direction at each point (in time and space) of the track. I input my own weight and that of my bike and gear combined and the average watts I push. Also the descent style can be adjusted using a slider from Turkey to Falcon. Like this I get a very accurate ETA for my course. On older Edge devices the ETA was based on the virtual training partner of the course file. Comes in handy when I want to catch a train or ferry.

Unfortunately the Edge 1030 is always recalculating, (especially when switching to a different course mid ride), draining the battery and messing with my (almost) perfect ETA.
Please make it possible in a firmware upgrade to get rid of the auto recalculating and get back my course file based ETA.