My list of issues

A short introduction: I pre-owned the Edge 800, 810, and 1000. Now I upgraded to the 1030, not because I thought I would need the new features, but because the power button of my edge 1000 broke down. My first impression of the 1030 is that it's a nice device, but not so different to the 1000. I like the new look and feel and the bigger screen. The navigation features are pretty much similar to the old one. After a week of usage I have the following issues:

- Edge remote does not work smoothly. In fact it's useless in combination with the Edge 1030. Most of the Time it does not respond. Sometimes it does, but only for short time. This is highly irritating.

- On my iPhone in the bluetooth functionality, I only see the Edge 1030 connected during activities, but the BT_Edge 1030 is not. The only way to solve this is to disconnect the device from the iPhone and install it again. But after 1 ride, same problem again. I think this is the reason that I don't get any text messages and don't see other people from my group in the group track functionality. UPDATE: issue still there, but I found out that when I tick on the Edge1030 and BT_Edge 1030 on my iphone (in configuration menu, bluetooth), sometimes it connects. But it should connect automatically, and it doesn't do that.

- NEW issue (related to bluetooth issue): activities don't upload directly after finishing them.

- I downloaded a heartrate zone app on the device (from Garmin), where I can see my heartrate zones. After changing the values of the standard zones (and synced in Garmin express), the new zones did not appear on the device.

- Question: do the heart rate zones (and the way I define them) have influence on the vales of ''training effect'' and ''recovery time'' and ''calories burnt''? Or does Garmin has its own definition of this (regardless of my training zones)?

- The data field ''avg speed'' shows the speed in miles per hour, although my device has been set up in the ''kilometer'' format. The actual speed I see is (as should be) in km/hour. Only the avg speed field is not correct.

- NEW issue: Wifi sign blinks often, it does not stay connected, sometimes it picks the signal up and is connected, but only for a few seconds.

- NEW issue: livetrack does not work, tried it a few times, one time it started, but abrubtly stopped again during the ride.

Will add new issues when I notice them.