Two issues: battery draining overnight and freezing up after ride

I use my 1030 on my commutes (3 days a week). I have it paired with my S7E and I have GC open. Twice now when I go to leave for my next ride my 1030 battery is completely or almost completely drained. The unit seems to do everything correctly (ride uploads, livetrack says it ends, I can use the touchscreen to move through the screens, etc). I turn the unit off with the power button which seems fine but the two days later when I go for my next commute the battery (which was at 90%) is drained. I have not had the issue of battery drainage during the day while at work (no battery loss during the day). This has not happened every time.

Not sure if this is related, but after each ride my livetrack says it has ended but when I go to look at the livetrack on the web I see the message "The activity is not yet complete, but the tracking session has ended". Is that normal? I am wondering if the 1030 is somehow leaving the GPS on or something and that is what is killing the battery.

The other issue I have had on a couple of rides is that after the ride is over and the ride is uploaded and the livetrack says it ended the unit will freeze up on the results page. I see messages on the top of the screen about deleting all segments and stuff but the screen is frozen and only a long press of the on/off button and reboot lets me access the unit again.

The latter issue is a mild annoyance but the first issue is really bizarre and quite annoying.

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