Marq - 9.92 Beta Release

Hello MARQ customers,

UPDATE 6/4/20: We are currently investigating reports from beta testers regarding phone connection problems, or disconnects from sensors/headphones. We believe this was introduced in our 6.03 ANT/BLE software update. For those of you experiencing this issue, you can backdate to the previous ANT/BLE version 5.04 with the file in the attached folder. Unzip the file and place the GUP3253.GCD file in the Garmin\RemoteSW folder of your device.

ANT-BLE Backdate

The newest MARQ beta software is now available for your upcoming adventures! The beta below is not compatible with MARQ Aviator.


Instructions for installation are available below the change log on the page linked above.

9.92 Change Log Notes:

  • Added on-device sleep calculation (via added Sleep widget* (Menu > Widgets > Edit > +Add > Sleep). Requires Sensor Hub 7.04
  • Updated the UI for performance, Heart Rate, Training Status, Intensity minutes and Floors Climbed widgets.These are only minor visual changes
  • Fixed an issue with Powerbeats Pro audio control.
  • Fixed an issue where alarm labels were not being translated.

*On-device sleep calculations have now been added.  This information can only be viewed via the Sleep widget. Please follow included instructions above.  On-device sleep calculations can be viewed in Garmin Connect Mobile and Garmin Connect Web when using beta software 9.92 and above.  A few notes concerning on-device sleep and how it is viewed in GCM and GC-Web:

  • The sleep cycle doughnut around the total hours of sleep in GC-Web does not currently match GCM or your watch.
  • When looking at your sleep data in GCM or GC-Web, if REM sleep shows --, and your total sleep time does not match your watch, this means the old sleep data calculations are being shown.  It's an indication on device sleep has not yet been uploaded.  Please be patient and allow the data to upload.

Current beta peripheral software version numbers below. New versions are indicated in red.

GPS: 4.40
Wi-Fi: 2.60
Sensor Hub: 7.04* (required for new Sleep tracking)
ANT/BLE/BT: 6.03

Please note, the beta updates released on these forums are not suitable for APAC region devices.

Please send all bug reports to [email protected], and indicate which model of the MARQ Collection you have in the subject line.

  • I tend to see the same result as you... sometimes it does work but mostly it doesn’t.
     funny thing is there absolutely used to be a “sleep start” function (the fenix 3 non-HR still had it)

    In any case there is not much need to berate the old function I suppose, Apple about to announce sleep tracking has prompted the introduction of the new sleep features, let’s see how they work (the firstbeat features are mostly very good)

    of course the fenix/Marq line is at a disadvantage to the apple watch as its large form factor makes for more potential interference and noise vs apple’s slimmer/lighter (and arguably uglier) design, so it will be interesting to see how this pans out!

    unfortunately I have an aviator so I am unable to test, but I am sure we will get feedback from here and the Fenix 6 forum soon enough

  • , Just ruling things out, but just to be sure, you don't have Battery Saver set to 'During Sleep' do you? That will turn wrist heart rate off, so the sleep tracking won't work if you have battery saver during sleep set to On.

  • Do we know for a fact that this new on-device calculation is provided by firstbeat? I’d think they mention it if so?

  • There's normally mention of Firstbeat proprietary stuff in Menu>System>About.  I can't see anything specifically about Firstbeat sleep there, so read in to that what you will....

  • Hi , During night set hours I have the watch to go to Battery Saver but it is editted and it keeks on HR and Oxygen so everything is registered well during night time. Yesterday, during the nap time, the watch was on normal day settings, I just turned on Don Not Disturb to avoid notification. On my next nap (I will force myself today to take one :-) I will change the sleep hours for when I will nap and see what happens.

  • Very good question, as firstbeat has the same concept of giving sleep ratings etc I assumed it was by firstbeat (I thought Garmin wouldn’t go and reinvent the wheel especially since the firstbeat algorithms work very well with Garmin hardware). Big assumption of course

    , anything you could share with us?

  • I tried the nap with sleep hours set to cover daytime but it did not record anything.

  • Hi ,

    As a rule, I try to steer clear of commenting or clarifying anything that hasn't already been officially announced. How that rule can or should be applied to unannounced feature sets that are being publically beta tested for possible addition to existing devices, I have no idea. No idea. 

    That said, I would heartily encourage anyone beta testing the new sleep tracking widget to share their experiences (good and bad) and feedback. Good, reliable sleep tracking provides a foundation for building in myriad of different directions. 

  • Understood (and fully understandable position), and many thanks for the reply! I suppose we’ll find out soon enough in any case 

  • It’s not showing in the add widget menu for me - and yes I have installed all the beta versions.