MARQ - 7.81 Beta Release

Hello MARQ customers,

The newest MARQ beta software is now available for your upcoming adventures! The beta below is not compatible with MARQ Aviator.


Instructions for installation are available below the change log on the page linked above.

7.81 Change Log Notes:

  • Fixed an issue where a CIQ watchface would crash if the user were to hit 'Back' from the incoming call page.
  • Fixed an issue where certain workout names were not displaying correctly during a rest step.
  • Made several improvements for music apps.
  • GPS: Version number bump from 4.02 to 4.10. v4.02 fixed a minor bug that could cause long Time to First Fix.

Current beta peripheral software version numbers below. New versions are indicated in red.

GPS: 4.10
Wi-Fi: 2.60
Sensor Hub: 5.05
ANT/BLE/BT: 5.01

Please note, the beta updates released on these forums are not suitable for APAC region devices.

Please send all bug reports to [email protected], and indicate which model of the MARQ Collection you have in the subject line.