Temperature in the little bubble on the Garmin Instinct watchface

I purchased the Garmin Instinct directly from Garmin a few weeks ago.

So far I like the watch but one annoying feature is the weather station temperature widget on the watch face bubble.

I bought the watch so that I could quickly glance at the ambient temperature on my watch while hiking, running or sleeping in my tent.  I realize that my wrist will cause the temperature to not be accurate until I remove the watch.  However I typically have my watch next to my sleeping pad with its alarm etc on.

Garmin currently has the temperature in the watch face bubble showing the weather station widget ...this information and temp comes from a local airport or station which could be 30 miles away.  I compared the temps to a medical grade thermometer I have & it often read either no temp or when it finally synced with my phone it was often off by 20’+.

We should be able to choose between viewing on the watch face bubble the actual ambient temperature or if one likes the current setup the weather station widget temp.  I have not taken the watch hiking yet out of cell tower range/ no iphone cell signal - but I’m assuming that my temp widget bubble will have no reading in that situation until a cell tower is close again... which is also annoying.

Thx for your feedback

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