Basic Instinct navigation arrow issue solved

No one seems to have this question as to why the navigation arrow may not point to the saved destination. The reality is that Instinct, like other devices, typically won't point to the exact destination when you are not moving, i.e. trying the device for the first time in your backyard. As soon as I start moving the system locks in and establishes the correct course arrow. Very basic but others may experience the same frustration I did.

  • Strange that - haven't noticed... Thing is, since it has magnetometer, there is theoretically no reason not to point in the right direction (providing it has a GPS lock). Maybe the compass needs calibration?

    That's one of the main reasons I discontinued using my Galaxy Watch for hiking, it used to drive me up the wall. I had to pace 30-40 meters in an arbitrary direction, so the watch could deduce which direction I'm facing by the new GPS position (and not even that was correct every time).