Storm warning feature on -> Massive battery drain (SW 10.44)

Wanted to share an interesting observation with all of you:

* Have a new Fenix 7s since about two weeks - before I had the original Instinct for four years. Like on the Instinct, the first thing I did was activating the "storm alarms" on the brand new Fenix.

* Then the first two weeks, up until 2 days ago battery was a disaster (watch lost 25% of charge per day in standby, with Pulseox Off, Stock watchface, etc.). Already wanted to return the watch.

* But then I found a page that recommended deactivating the "storm alarm". And what can I say: Battery issues fixed. Suddenly just 6% drain per day, instead of the 25%. No other setting changed! For verification I turned the storm alarm on again - and low and behold - massive drain is back.

I can't believe that the storm alarm should eat that much energy on the Fenix. On Instinct this had pretty much no impact. So either I have a faulty baro OR I found a major bug in SW 10.44. Can anyone of you guys try to reproduce that?

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