Fenix 5 Wireless still not working - Version 20.00 - Unable to find wireless networks

NOTE: I updated from Version 19.10 to Version 20.00 on 2020-06-24. Wireless was NOT working on Version 19.10. It is still NOT working on Version 20.00.

When adding the wireless Network on the Watch directly, it takes a good few times of trying to find the wireless networks. If it is successful in finding them, when I add the password, it does connect. Every time after that when I either try sync, or connect to the wireless manually, it says: "Network Error. Try again later."

Manually adding the wireless network produces the same effect as above. It does NOT connect.

The watch was working fine 2 or three updates ago. It was definitely not working since 19.10. Nothing has changed wireless wise and everything else at my house connects fine, including my Edge820.

This definitely makes me wonder why I paid more for the Wireless Sapphire Version when all I am doing is syncing via Bluetooth, or worst case, having to install the useless USB Garmin Express on my PC again. :(