Garmin Coach - same trainigs over three weeks ?


I try to go through Garmin Coach Half Marathon - with Amy as a coach. After several week with interesting and every-changing trainings I have the same (and not very challenging) program for last three weeks

- 4.8 km tired run

- 10*30s intervls

- 4.8 km easy run

- 9.6 km run

It does not seem to be adequate training for 21km rece, does it ? I am seven weeks before the race.

Is it some error in Garmin planning or has such low-intesity training some sense ?

  • I'm in week 17 of my 22 weeks plan with Amy coach and have the same program: 4,8km tired run, 10x30s intervals, 4,8 km easy, 9,6km easy.

    I think it's too easy plan when there are still 5 weeks to the race..... 

    I would like someone who has done the full plan to say if the volume and intensity are still going to increase.

    Thank you.