5x: Overlay of track on map without navigation?

something that my hand-held gps unit can do is that i can start recording any activity that will show up on a map and then i can browse a .gpx track that i have loaded on there and i can enable that .gpx track overlay over this map without actually getting guided navigation.

this is great because in familiar ares, or even unknown, if i can make a decision whether to follow a track or not, or just to use it as a guide.

from what i recall when i had a fenix 3 once you loaded "navigate a track" you were stuck with it, a large error would pop up and the watch would constantly beep either to take a specific turn or because i deviated from the track.

is this feature possible in 5x somehow?  can i view a loaded .gpx file in the topo map but continue my activity without it being a navigational activity?


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