Fenix 5x Freezes when going 0ff-Course

When doing a course and deviating from course for what ever reason causes the watch to freeze and become unresponsive.  It is as if it is trying to calculate something instead of just letting you improvise your situation.  Is this a bug?

  • Refresh on this, watch was unresponsive again when ride went off-course, no one else?????

  • I did an 10.5 mile hike (that should have been 8.5) based on a course on GC using my Fenix 5X. I deviated a lot since the PCT Trail was closed in one section for tree cutting. I was off course to the south by a half mile and I kept an eye on it to make sure I was not getting too far astray before re-connecting with my intended trail. My tracks follow, and if you click on the course: Castle Crags you can see at the initial 2 miles where I was diverted.  I was just getting used to the vibrations for each turn and the number of screens and data. I wasn't able to verify any issues you are having. connect.garmin.com/.../4225360037