Fenix 3 HR just stops recording activity

This mostly happens when I’m cycling. I look down and my watch is on the “Resume” option like I hit Stop. I didn’t hit stop. 

I’m willing to accept that I’m scrunching my wrist and smooshing the button. Is there a way to change the stop button? Or change the stop button action to a long press or something?

its annoying to lose 5 miles of a ride. 

Its also annoying to post this in the 5 forum, but they took down the 3 forum. 

  • no menu hot keys in the system menu ?

    when yes

    choose lock/unlock with two button action

    or acquire a nice looking Edge

    or from your manual

    Locking the Keys

    You can lock the keys to prevent accidental key presses.

        Hold LIGHT for two seconds, and select Lock Device to lock the keys.
        Hold LIGHT for two seconds, and select Unlock Device to unlock the keys.

    happy & safe sporting