Survey: Is there any sign for solution for all users with the fenix 5X Navigation Distance "0" Problem?

as i remeber (correct me if i am wrong), came the problem with the update which was released in february. now we have mid july and no sign for a solution. 

The support wrote me back months ago: "we know about this problem, and the dev team is searching for a solution" 

i mean, this does exist now nearly half of the time, i own this watch. 

the main reason for me buying this watch was, that it can navigate without planing a route. without neading a phone or pc. and it worked before. 

quick survey: 

if you have a Fenix 5X (not Plus, here it is solved) Can you power off your watch. Start it. not connect to usb port. go into maps, pan around, choose a point by long pressing the start button and let yourself navigate there. 

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