What is the correct support number for Romania / Europe?

As other people posted on the forum, I also have corrosion issues on the 2nd pin of my Fenix 5 (see photos).

I tried calling both phone numbers that I get by following the steps on the website that take me to the phone number, and none of them work. I tried on Friday during the specified work hours.

For the first phone number (0808 238 0000) my phone says that it's not even a valid phone number. I added the UK prefix and then something happens, but nothing good because almost immediately after pressing the call button I get a tone similar to the 'busy' tone, but the phone doesn't close the connection, so it seems to be something else.

For the second number (03708501242) the same thing happens with the 'busy' tone.

Can someone please tell me which is the correct phone number to call?

Also, if someone from Garmin is looking over these posts, can you update the phone number so that the proper phone numbers are listed, including the country prefix, because you already know from what country I am as it can be seen from the website indicator.