Major fault on Fenix 5s - outside of warranty

I went for a run yesterday in heavy rain. Afterwards my Fenix 5s has water damage on part of the screen. This watch is supposed to be waterproof to 10 ATM. It works but I'm now concerned that it will happen again and might pack in altogether. 

I contacted Garmin and am awaiting a reply. I'm also anticipating a battle with them. I bought it in June 2017, it was replaced last October for a fault which brought a 90 day warranty. But this watch is just 2 years old, and cost £500 and I believe this fault should be covered outside of warranty for these reasons:

  • it doesn't match the product description (it's not waterproof)
  • it is not fit for purpose - (it was sold as an all weather, high performance watch)
  • it doesn't show the quality and performance normal in products of the same type

I've listed two sites below, one is a newspaper article and the other is information for retailers which outlines the EU's directive on mandatory 2 year warranties which is at odds with a lot of the warranties provided by retailers.  

I'm not asking if anyone on the forums agrees with me, instead I'm asking if anyone here has had a similar problem with Garmin and how it was resolved?

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