Device locks up, screen freezes, buttons unresponsive


I can't say exactly when the problems started but it does feel like 2~ months ago i began experiencing

  • hyper fast battery drains, full to dead in a single day without sports activity
  • backlight stopped working
  • screen would freeze
  • random full device lockups

What I'm experiencing right now

  • backlight non-functional
  • lockups
  • screen doesnt refresh
    • Charging shows an initial battery charge status but never updates even though if the device is reset it will then show fully charged)

v19.10 system software

The watch has been factory reset 3 times, it 'froze' during one of the resets however i suspect it was still running but the screen wasn't refreshing. Not sure what to do, I hate to think the watch is toast and I need to buy a replacement....