Garmin heatmaps vs Suunto heatmaps

Ok so Garmin Fenix 6pro is the top dog of sports wearables for outdoor activities.

To my suprise when I was out ski touring (back country skiing) with a friend of mine who just got a new Suunto.

He pulled out his new Suunto app - found heatmap and saw what routes were most used to the mountain we wanted to climb. Press select and added to watch and turn by turn navigation to the top.

Garmin - you need to log on to WEB garmin connect and choose training > popularity heatmaps and hopefully find what you are looking for.

Now I am pretty certain that there are TONS more Garmin users than Suunto - but the mountains in question hardly had any routes in Garmin Connect, so I couldn´t find any routes.

On Suunto there were tons and I found new tracks I wanted to try to tops I haven´t considered before...

Any ideas - is really Garmin behind Suunto on such a AMAZING feature !?!?