Training Status Too Low Or No Status Or Not Updating Vs High On Edge 530?


I recently started training again after a COVID-related break. Before that I did activities on my Fenix 5 plus as well as cycling activities on my Edge 530. The training status between the two never matched exactly, even with Physio True Up enabled on both (known issue) but it was usually close or within the range of plausibility. Ever since though, the 7-Day training load from the Edge 530 might be in the 500's while that from the Fenix 5 plus may be below 50, now the Training Status from the Fenix 5 plus has gone to "No Status" while from Edge 530 says Productive.

None of this makes any sense to me. I have been doing a few runs and a bit of weight training using the watch, and cycling on the Edge 530, with a couple of indoor trainer cycle rides on the watch also. When I go back to the activities individually, i see the ones from the watch always have a "--" under the Exercise Load potion of the metrics tab, whereas the ones done on the Edge 530 have an actual value there.

But then if the Fenix 5 plus does NOT support exercise load, why were the values close before and now diverge completely? And why does the Fenix 5 plus display any 7 days exercise load at all in Garmin Connect, even if too low, under the Training Status widget?

If anyone can explain this to me, I'd really appreciate it.




  • Hi, i have the same issue with Edge 830, it has started after the FW update to v14.0.

    i have opened support ticket for this issue (pls contact support) and suggest you to do the same, as Garmin will notice that many users have this issue

  • Thanks, I had posted this before I saw the other thread reporting the same. I hadn't realized it was due to the firmware when I posted this. As I reported in that other thread, I have reported this to Garmin and they have acknowledged that the behavior is wrong, but haven't given any promises for a fix or when, but say they have sent the issue to their engineers.


  • I have this exact same issue it started when I upgraded to v14 on my Fenix 5 plus.

  • Hi, Same problem Forerunner 245 and F5x pro. Last year also one device below 50 but same Training Status.

    This year the device I not use for a week go to "No Status".


  • I have exactly the same issue !!

    Whilst I use both devices regularly, for indoor and outdoor activities, with the ‘Physio Trueups’ activated on both the Fenix and Edge, my Garmin Connect profile has very different ‘training status’ and 7-day load’ measurements. In fact, in some cases, I can be ‘productive’ and/or ‘over reaching’ on one device and ‘de-training’ on the other, at the same time.

    Garmin claims that this interface between the Fenix 5 and Edge 830 is not possible. I find it hard to believe that a technology company, like Garmin, is unable to make this software upgrade especially when this challenge has been posted and reviewed for the past 3-years. Additionally, I refuse to implement Garmin’s suggestion of upgrading my Fenix 5 to a Fenix 6 when my current watch is operating normally and it considered fit for purpose. This could also be construed and profiteering, or chasing the money, vs acknowledging and improving the customer experience.

    Isn’t the reason why we buy multiple devices from the same provider is to have this synchronization under one user profile, across numerous activities?

    This is very frustrating … GARMIN ITS TIME FOR AN UPGRADE, on your end.

    Any suggestions ?

  • Looks like it is fixed in v15 release candidate installed today and will see.

  • Good morning granfondo ... can you confirm if the issue was resolved.

    FYI I had connect with Garmin last week who confirm that they are not activley looking into remedying this long standing issue.

    I would love to have a solution for my Fenix/Edge.


  • It is fixed for me!! After updating to v15 rc and going on a few rides I'm happy to say it's fixed. Physio trueup from my edge 530 is updating my fenix 5 plus training status once again like it did prior to v14. I had given up hope and stopped wearing my watch but now it's back on my wrist.

  • That is great news !

    I will initiate the new update (to V15) and see if similar results can be attained.

    Strange that Garmin did not let us know that this update would resolve this challenge. In addition, they specifaclly informed me that it was not possible with Fenix 5 and Edge platforms. 

    I am now a little hopefull.

  • In the change notes for v15.00 release candidate there's a bullet item mentioning the fix:

    • Fixed an issue where Training status would no longer update via Physio TrueUp.