FENIX 5+ After FW 14.0 do not take into account Training Status from Edge 830

Hi Everyone,

 I have both Edge 830 and Fenix 5+, As majority of my activities are recorded on the Edge 830, i see since FW  V14.0 that the Fenix 5+ does not take the activity (recorded and synced to Garmin Connect App) into account as it presents the load status. Actually it shows that I'm detraining in last few days although i  had serval hard cycling activities in last week.

Any suggestion ?

  • I just spotted something on the garmin site about this:

    • For accounts with Edge devices and wearables, the 7-Day Training Load value will only be able to be kept in sync between Edges and compatible wearables if the Edge is synced before every activity. If this fails to take place, the 7-Day Training Load will no longer match between the Edge and wearable devices, or on the 7-Day Training Load graph in the Connect Training Status page.

    Maybe it is relevant.  I can't tell because I only have an edge 520 which doesn't support this with my 5 plus.