FENIX 5+ After FW 14.0 do not take into account Training Status from Edge 830

Hi Everyone,

 I have both Edge 830 and Fenix 5+, As majority of my activities are recorded on the Edge 830, i see since FW  V14.0 that the Fenix 5+ does not take the activity (recorded and synced to Garmin Connect App) into account as it presents the load status. Actually it shows that I'm detraining in last few days although i  had serval hard cycling activities in last week.

Any suggestion ?

  • I have exactly the same. On the same hardware. Since I updated my Fenix 5+ to version 14

  • Same with Edge 1030, I'm going to start a support ticket with them and I recommend that you do the same.

    I also started a thread on this forum a day ago.

  • Same for me. Garmin 830 Fenix 5X plus v14.00

  • Hello All,

    i have chatted with the support teams , who asked me to toggle the true-up settings.

    it did not solve that mateer as i have recorded another activity post the recommendations, and the issue is still present:

    Fenix 5+ does take into account the activities recorded with Edge 830


  • Same for me Fenix 5 plus and Edge 530 Training Status on watch not updated after update to 14.0. Physio Trueup enabled for both devices it was working fine before watch update to 14.0. Tried toggling the trueup off then sync then on and sync in GC - no joy. Watch only shows status for activities recorded with watch, cycling activities recorded with Edge 530 are not reflected in Training Status on watch.

  • I have exactly teh same issue !

    Whilst I use both devices regularly, for indoor and outdoor activities, with the ‘Physio Trueups’ activated on both the Fenix and Edge, my Garmin Connect profile has very different ‘training status’ and 7-day load’ measurements. In fact, in some cases, I can be ‘productive’ and/or ‘over reaching’ on one device and ‘de-training’ on the other, at the same time.

    Garmin claims that this interface between the Fenix 5 and Edge 830 is not possible. I find it hard to believe that a technology company, like Garmin, is unable to make this software upgrade especially when this challenge has been posted and reviewed for the past 3-years. Additionally, I refuse to implement Garmin’s suggestion of upgrading my Fenix 5 to a Fenix 6 when my current watch is operating normally and it considered fit for purpose. This could also be construed and profiteering, or chasing the money, vs acknowledging and improving the customer experience.

    Isn’t the reason why we buy multiple devices from the same provider is to have this synchronization under one user profile, across numerous activities?

    This is very frustrating … GARMIN ITS TIME FOR AN UPGRADE, on your end.

    Any suggestions ?

  • Wow finally a fix for this in v15 installed today we shall see.

  • Fingers crossed granfondo

    Hopefully this solved the challenge. 

    FYI Garmin informed me last week that there are NOT actively looking into this long standing issue. Their recommendation is for me to buy a new Fenix as my Fenix 5 is aparently out dated. Surely this can be resolved via a software update ?

  • This issue is fixed for me. After updating v15 release candidate and going on a few rides physio trueup is updating my training status on my fenix 5+ from my edge 530. It is working like it did before v14 I had given up and stopped wearing the watch but now it's back on my wrist!!