Fenix 6s pro and bike navigation

I want to have my heart rate on the watch but also i am in a new area where i want to purchase a cycling gps. Can the both work together somehow as i see on strava that guys using the route on the bike dont have the heart rate and therefore their VO2 clocked. I basically need a gps for my bike but would like to to get garmin and still keep my watch data.

  • There are two ways to do it. You can broadcast heart rate data from the watch to the cycling gps, or you can use the watch for registering the activity, and the cycling device just for navigation.

  • I use a watch and a bike computer for every outdoor ride. I also use a chest strap to send accurate heart rate data to both units.

    I use the watch to record the ride data and to integrate it with the rest of my 24x7 activity data, running, walking, indoor cycling, training load, stress etc..

    The bike computer serves for navigation purposes and offers a much larger display and better position on the bike to glance at data while keeping both hands on the bars. My ageing eyes appreciate the larger text of the computer.

    Both upload to Strava, or the first that I sync, at least, if Strava rejects the second upload as a duplicate. If both make it to Strava I delete the one that looks less correct, although it should not matter which one I keep. 

    As for VO2 max, you'll need a power meter for that. Again, like the chest strap, a power meter can feed to both watch and computer if you use Ant+.