Alternative screens beeing displayed randomly during cycle with planned route.


I'm using my Fenix 5 plus on my handlebar while cycling, using either the desktop route-planing tool from garmin or more often the Strava routes ConnectIQ app to go for a tour with my bike.

I noticed that at random times during my ride, the watch will switch to 3 new screens, they are recognizable since their background is black while my background is otherwise set to white. These 3 screens have similar information but I really don't understand when they popup and why, nor why they go away. I thought that they would popup when a corner is approaching since one of these screens is a map, but they sometime popup in the middle of a long straight section with nothing special ahead...

When they appear, I can still reach my usual screens (with the white background) but it's disturbing since at some point the watch ill decide to hide those black screens and later re-show them, when the appear the watch switches automatically to them.

I'm not a fan of the watch suddenly changing what I'm beeing shown without any understandable reason or any action from me...

So if anyone has some indication as to why this happens, what this feature is trying to accomplish, that would help me understand at least !

Also, when I understand it, it might actually be useful to me and understanding how to configure these 3 screens particularly might be something nice as well.

Thank you in advance for your help !

Best regards,


P.S. : My current bike settings on the watch (sorry if not the exact terms, translating from french on the watch to english here...) : 

- AutoLap auto on set to 5km

- Auto-Pause on if not moving

- ClimbPro on

- Automatic ascend on always, vertical speed 600m/h, inversed colors on, "screen runninng" and "screen climbing" set to "current screen", mode switch set to medium

I actually think that last one is probably what's changing the screens, but I don't understand how/whuy it works, especially since it sometimes triggers while descending or on the flats... And it says "running" in the settings despite the fact I entered in the settings for my cycle activity... Any help is welcomed, the information on tthe upport site for automatic ascend wasn't helpfule enought to me..., so please don't just point me there, I already read this