Segment not appearing after activities


I sometimes noticed thatsegment were recroded for some activities, even if I was not running "against it". Good thing

However, when I decided to run against a 200m segment, It was never recorded on my watch. I checked if the segment detection was ok, when I approach the beginning of the segment, It writes "Go", "allez in french" and afte the end of the track I stopped my watch but the segment time I have done was not recorded.

Here is my race :

Here is the segment I ran against :

Do you know why my race against the segment was not recorded ? Is there something to check or to do ?

  • let the watch do his job. I had simmilar problem. Sollution is that you dont have to push any thing to start or stop the segment. It starts and ends automatickly.

  • This is a very old post, but it looks to me that the GPS track from the watch is not precisely located over the track. It also looks like the segment itself is poorly defined, with jagged edges. If the recorded track and the segment definition do not align then the segment will not be matched from the run.

    I don't use Garmin segments, but I use Strava and it is quite common for bad GPS, or a segment defined from bad GPS data, to create mismatch and nothing found for the segment.