Strava reports much lower Elevation Gains

One Ride, one trail run and several more activities like these, elevation gains logged by the Enduro is synced with smoothing automatically applied. I had a support tickets raised to Strava Support and given one FAQ after another to educate myself regarding elevation — not offering any productive solution to this frustrating matter. One thing stood out for me, support says I should see a Elevation (?) when viewed in the web version and if i didn't like the elevation gains shown, I could turn off smoothing. Thing is, with data from the Enduro this isn't available but I've checked my previous activities logged with the Fenix 3 HR and yes, Elevation (?) is there. Watches that do not have Barometric Altimeter have their elevation data automatically smoothed when synced.  

  • The best information we can provide is the following:

    When you look at the bottom of your activities in Garmin Connect, your Min/Max is more reliant on GPS data. Your Gain/Loss relies heavily on ambient air pressure changes. When comparing to Strava, they translate the .fit files differently. Strava merges the elevation data and that can cause it to look more unrealistic.

    Also, keep in mind that on the far right of your outdoor activities when you view one, there is an Elevation Auto Correction option that will put your activity elevation directly to the map for your GPS course recorded. The option may be useful in better understanding your elevation metrics and you can toggle the elevation correction off and on.

  • or this ...

    Hi Jan,

    Thank you for following up. The Garmin Enduro is not listed as a trusted device with a barometric altimeter. I did see that a request was made to have the Enduro added, but I am unaware of the process to add devices to the list.

    Strava Support Team

    Hello Jan,

    Thank you for reaching out regarding your question about elevation data from your Garmin Enduro not showing on Strava activities. So at this time, the Garmin Enduro is not a supported barometric device on Strava, so any barometric data collected by this device will not show up on your activities.
    Our team does have the Enduro on its current list of devices to add so in the future we will have elevation support for the barometric data from Garmin Enduros. In the meantime, this does mean that any elevation data on your activities will be pulled from the Strava database.

    We do not currently have an ETA for when it will be added but know that we will have that support in the future.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

    Strava Support Team

    I now feel better that it's just a matter of time before we start seeing synced activities reporting the same distance and elevation gain like it's always been with the Fenix 3 HR.

  • Garmin should do better on proactively communicating with Strava when a new device is about to be released. Strava is a major player in this space and all new devices must work properly with it. If anything this is an indication of a failure to of the beta testing process on Garmin side.

    As mentioned in another response Strava maintains a whitelist of devices with barometric altimeters which elevation data must be trusted when activities are imported into Strava. For any device not in the list, Strava simply ignores all elevation data and uses its own data from an elevation database.

  • The Enduro reached Garmin store on the eve of race day — a 25km with 2000m of total ascent. I'm glad I did not head out to get the watch for this race or it would have been disappointing to have Strava show 1500m or less. Instead, I raced with the Fenix 3 HR with Heart Rate turned on, for once this race is short enough I didn't have to turn HR off to save battery. I got accustomed to strapping a powerbank to the charging cradle and tucking it under my arm sleeve for the duration of the race (without HR data). After years of doing this, the Enduro frees me of such inconvenience.


  • Thank you, was driving me crazy the Enduro not displaying in Strava and of course the elevation is only coming from strata database. I now fee better as well. 

  • A few days ago I had a Ride activity where the elevation gain both matched so I was happy thinking that Strava had so quickly fixed the issue, only to find out they have not when a Train Run activity two days later showed 40% less elevation gain. The wait continues ....

  • Hello,

    I did a request to Strava too, few weeks ago. Strava does not support this watch for now. Then, the Strava support is unable to provide a due date for adding the Garmin Enduro in its device list Disappointed. To me this watch is like a Fenix 6 so I guess that add a new device is probably an easy task but their R&D looks to be overloaded. So we have to wait and see...

    For all readers, if you are a Strava user with an Enduro, you should create a strava support request to boost the support of this watch.

  • Great news, for the first time today, Garmin Enduro is recognised by Strava. Slight smile

  • Great news. I'm heading out for a trail run soon, looking forward to seeing the numbers match up.