CIQ4 compliant?

One exciting question. Will the Enduro be CIQ4 compliant? Otherwise this new watch could be allready outdated.

  • No, as I know it's a CIQ3 device, which won't get CIQ4.

  • As I know CIQ 4 will come in new devices and older ones won't be updated to it. 

    I've just checked Garmin's ConnectIQ SDK for Enduro device capabilities. Memory limit for datafields is around 32KB, for background jobs 32 KB, for apps 128 KB, for widgets it's 64 KB, and for widget glanses it's 32 KB. Watchfaces are given 112 KB of memory. For current CIQ versions these are normal for watches without mapping and music.

  • Hi, there is a CIQ 4 preview, can you check it for Fenix 6 pro and Enduro ? or any compatible models ?

    As far as i know from the changelog F6pro is CIQ 3.1, but CIQ 3.2.5 exist.

    Edit : Sorry i saw in the sys info from my device, CIQ 3.2.4 with latest 15.20 version.

    Thanks in advance ;-)

  • finaly i found all information, thank to your post and some other on the forum, the values are similar F6Pro and Enduro.

    No information for CIQ 4.0.0 for any devices at my side.

    But higher on F6Pro for

    datafield : 131kb

    widget : 104kb

  • Check the other limits too. F6 Pro has 1280 KB for watch apps and 1024 KB for widgets. On devices with mapping there is external RAM chip which was 32 MB in Fenix 5X and 16 MB in Fenix 6X Pro. So they can have more memory for apps and widgets.

    I don't know about CIQ 4, but even if some watches get it with update, these may be watches with big memories I think. Or Fenix 7 series will start with it and continue not looking behind... Slight smile

  • As Ray writes in his review. Quote from Garmin on the question about CIQ4.

    “We can’t address that question right now, but if anything changes, we’ll let you know.”

    I can't imagine Garmin can't say that just yet. If it is clear that the watch will not get CIQ4, it will certainly sell worse.

  • CIQ4 supports *true* multitasking - it requires completely new hardware that doesn't exist in any Garmin device yet.

  • Doesn’t exist in any Garmin device as far as we know. In DCR’s review he says that the Enduro is t just another rewarmed F6 variant but is has new internals.

    I could be wrong of course, but I don’t see them releasing something at this point that they say has all new internals that won’t be CIQ4 compliant.