Can´t see individual dive details in apnea hunt like I used to - Garmin Connect

Hi all,

Hope everything is going well in your side of the world!

When reviewing an apnea hunt activity/spearfishing (composed of several individual dives) in Garmin Connect, while looking at the map of the activity, I can´t see each individual dive (marked as a number inside a white circle) nor its details (depth, surface interval, lenght, and GPS coordinates) like I used to. I couldn´t find an exact screenshot of the details, but this is what the white circlesrepreenting each dive looked like before (february 2020):

And this is what the same map of an apnea hunt activity looks like now (april 2020): instead of each individual dive, when I click on the white circle now I see "laps", and a red line tracing my movement.

However, I can still see the individual dive details in one of the tabs in list format, but not in the map like I used to:

Does anyone know how to display the individual dives details instead of these "laps"?

The only noticeable change I have seen in the activity map, is a "lap" option in the upper right hand corner, which I don´t recall seeing before:

And this is what it looks without it:

Thanks in advance for your help!