My inreach explorer no longer updates ipad map

I have a Garmin InReach Explorer+ paired to an iPad Pro running iOS 13.  Upto yesterday all was working well and I was able to use either Google Maps, Earthmate, Gaia or Apple Maps and see my instant location.  Now I no longer get data from the InReach to the iPad.  I've reset everything, and updated iPad but no luck.  It DOES show that it's paired with the iPad and I can see it when I load up Earthmate however when I look at all maps I just see the last place where I received a datapoint.  

I've been trying to diagnose this issue by hooking it to my iPhone but I think my internal phone GPS is what the maps are using. 

How do I go about diagnosing whether the issue is with my InReach or my iPad?  (If I had a spare one of each it would be easy to figure out but I don't).

Thanks much!

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