Importing Tracks on Device

I've used Garmin products forever, but this explorer is causing some confusion for me. I'm wanting to import old tracks, so I can see them on the map. I do that on the map online and then sync and I see no tracks on the map on the unit. Filters are set to show everything and no old tracks are showing on the map.
  • With the new scheme of things, you can import as either tracks or routes.

    If you import as tracks, full fidelity is preserved (for tracks up to 10,000 points) but the result (AFAIK) will only show up on the the online maps as tracks. Tracks are not sent to inReach devices when you sync.

    If you import a routes, the track will be thinned to no more than 200 points. Depending on the nature of the track, this can result is fairly substantial inaccuracies. The result will show up on the online maps as a route. Routes are sent to the inReach devices when you sync.

    I haven't tried this lately. If you get different results, especially with regard to what syncs, please post back. Things are changing fairly quickly for the online site.
  • I have a similar problem, but I can't see routes in my device InReach Explorer+ after to sync this unit. The route only show up on the online maps.

  • In order for a route to be sync-d to the device, you must add the route to a collection. And that collection must be selected for sync-ing to the device. It is apparently no longer possible to sync the legacy "Library" itself.

    At worst, with an existing collection, this is a multi-step process. It's slightly easier if you want to create a new collection.

    To add a collection, go to the Map tab for your account at In the left sidebar, near the bottom, you will see a header for Collections. Click the plus sign on the right of the header to add a collection. In the resulting fly-out, give the collection a name. If you've already imported the routes you want to sync into the Library, click on the Routes tab (the icon is the two connected push pins), and select the routes you want to add to the collection. When you've selected everything you want to add, click Next at the bottom right of the fly-out.

    On the next page of the fly-out, you must select your iR device under the heading Sync This Collection to These Devices. You can optionally choose to show the collection on MapShare. Now click Save Collection in the lower right of the fly-out.

    Sync and you should be good to go.

    At any time, you can control which collections will sync to the device from the Plans & Devices tab of your account. Click the Collections button for the device. In the resulting pop-up, select (or de-select) the collections to be sync-d to the device. You can also control change the active collection from here. The active collection is the one to which activity on the device is added. Click Close when done.

    If you hadn't yet imported the tracks, or if you want to add more routes later, it's easy to do even if the collection does not yet exist. When you import a new track as a route, you will have the opportunity to add the route to existing collections, add new collections and import the routes there (including the ability to specify which new collections sync to the device), or just import into the Library (meaning you will have to manage it later to get it onto the device). Just follow the directions in the import pop-up.