Bluetooth won't automatically connect to phone

I've got an InReach mini (firmware is up-to-date) and I have a Galaxy Note 8 phone with Earthmate (also up-to-date).   My phone is not automatically syncing with the mini via bluetooth.  If I start up the Earthmate app, THEN it will sync and the bluetooth icon will show on the mini.   I thought this process was automatic?   I have a bluetooth speaker outside my house and when I turn it on, it syncs with my Note 8 automatically.  I un-paired and re-paired but it still won't sync until I start Earthmate.   The mini does NOT show up in the list of bluetooth devices when I tell the phone to scan, so it appears to be non-discoverable, which may be the reason it doesn't sync automatically, although I'm not sure what Earthmate might be doing when I start it - which causes it to sync just fine.  I do not have extended tracking enabled (which turns off bluetooth to save power). 

I'm virtually certain this use to sync without starting Earthmate.  I have a 3rd party app on my Note 8 (tasker) that I use to automatically start up Earthmate when bluetooth connects to the mini.  I know this used to work but its not anymore.