Usage stats and Weather requests counter?

On the HOME page I see at the top nice rectangle blocks with numbers like Messages Sent, Messages Received, etc etc, also below I see some monthly usage stats like Messages, Tracking point, Presets messages, etc 

Why at the top Messages Sent = 0, but below under Current Monthly Usage - Messages = 10 Remaining 1 Used...? 

Where is the correct number? Why at the top Zero, and below 10 Remaining if 1 is used?

How I can check how many weather requests I used?

  • This is a (relatively) new layout for the Explore web site. Unfortunately, I have an unlimited plan, so the plan-related data at the bottom is not populated on my account. So I can't test or say anything for sure.

    Your account is charged for both sent AND received messages. Unless something has changed, a "basic" weather forecast is charged as one message. There is a cash charge for a premium weather request ($1.00 on US plans the last time I looked). I don't remember if it also counts as one message (I don't use it because it costs $1.00 even on an unlimited plan - and the forecast beyond 3 days is unreliable anyhow.)

    The web site does not break out the weather requests. Should be included in sent messages, but I don't really know. It also appears that there might be some overlap in categories. For example, I don't know if the messages sent/received include the MapShare messages sent/received or not.

    There is some chance that the Stats section is for the life of the account, not just the most recent month. So says the web help. However, I can't tell if the help is up to date or not.