replies to preset msg not sync to phone (earthmate)

Noticed replies to my preset messages are not syncing to the phone android earthmate app.

other messages sync ok. 

If I opened the message reply on my inreach mini device (before turn on bluetooth connection with phone) or opened on would that prevent a msg from then later syncing to the app?

  • , You should be seeing replies to Preset messages both on the inReach Mini and in the Earthmate App regardless of opening the messages first on the device or in the App. This is working for me when I tested with my inReach Mini paired with an iPhone, and it should work the same way on Android. 

    Please make sure your inReach Mini is on software version 2.80 using Garmin Express, then sync the device with the inReach Sync Desktop app on your computer. I would also recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the Earthmate App, and upon reinstalling, make sure you're signed into the app with your inReach account credentials. This article from the Support Center has steps for syncing and updating: Updating the Firmware and Syncing Account Information to an inReach Mini

  • Note that there is a bug with the Earthmate app. It sometimes appears to "forget" your sign-in credentials. Every time you open the app, it is worth going to the sign-in in page to make sure your credentials appear. If they do not, I don't think you are actually signed in.

    Oddly, it is not actually necessary to reenter your credentials. Swipe the app closed on iOS, then reopen it. 99 times out of a 100, it will now remember the credentials. 

    I do not know if the bug is present on Android. But it's a long-standing issue on iPhone.