Weather on the main screen

Yesterday I requested weather and I was happy to see it on the main screen (instead of just time). 
As far as I can see weather forecast is for three days. 
But today (it is a second day) there is no nice weather icon and no info on the main screen. I see just a time again. 
Is there any way to continue keep weather condition on the main screen?

  • Not that I know of. Unlike other widgets in the rotation, the Home widget dynamically adapts to the current situation. I suspect that the weather disappeared when the forecast got old enough that it was into the 6 hour intervals. The first few intervals - don’t remember how many - are two hours. The remainder of the three days are 6 hours. 

    Watch the home widget as you run a track, navigate a route or receive a message. You’ll see how it adapts to what’s going on.