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Trying to decide Mini vs 66i (current 64st user who may sell it ??)

I know, there's no real, perfect answer here, so am looking for experiences w/ choices others have made.

I currently own a GPSMAP 64st.    In virtually as-new condition.
Currently use Backcountry Navigator XE on my phone (for hiking and/or snowmobiling tracks, if not using the 64st).

Am considering adding InReach capabilities.

So, am debating:

1) Mini -- Use w/ smart phone & mapping there.   May or may not keep the 64st?

- This would allow me to use different maps w/ the smart phone and still have the mini for InReach.

- Necessitates needing to watch phone battery (manageable with the length of trips I take).

- Smaller mini.   

- Probably would never take the 64st + mini + phone ????

2) 66i - & sell the  64st.
- I do like sometimes having a dedicated GPS w/o dealing w/ the phone... put another way, I've been a part of Garmin's infrastructure dating back many models.   Still not 'the' expert w/ phone as my only/primary navigating device.   
- larger unit than the mini, if I really am only taking it for InReach.

- no need for the phone at all if I choose to go that way... or use phone just for pictures and not have to worry about battery as much

- $200 more than the mini.... but, can get > $200 for my 64st, so, sort of a wash if I sell my 64st

Your thoughts and experience as to why you went the way you did ?

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