Name Stamps on Quick Text Messages

I'm using a Garmin inReach mini and I seem to be unable to modify a name stamp that appears in the body of text of a quick text message sent from the device. It will send the quick text message with the GPS location as well as a name stamp, which I cannot find where to edit on the device or on the inReach sync website.
Another related issue is that the preset text messages which are entered in the inReach website aren't what are on the device currently (after multiple syncs).

Would appreciate any help with this as there are going to be multiple users of this device and having a automatic name stamp is going to cause some confusion as to who is in possession of it.

  • If by "name stamp", you mean the "signature" on the message as seen by the recipient - You can't control the content. For recreational accounts, it's based on the "owner" of the account. For professional accounts, I would assume (but do not know for sure) that it's based on the user assigned to the unit at the time the message is sent. AFAIK, Garmin removed the ability to have multiple users on a recreational account some time back.

    You can control whether or not the signature is included in text messages. See the SMS Message Configuration section in the lower right corner of the Account "tab" for your account at

    You're going to have to call support about failure to sync the preset messages. Do note, however, the the correct message will be sent, whether or not the correct text shows up on the device. When you send a preset message, the device does not send the text. It sends a short code which identifies the message. It's the server that turns the code into message text before passing it on to the recipient. This is not to say that you should ignore the sync problem - do call support. If you make any changes to contacts, those DO need to be sync-d. Otherwise, you run the risk of a message delivery failure or delivery to wrong recipient...