The reason for inreach mini poor gps performance compared to other units/phones

So like many people on this forum Ive found the time the Inreach mini takes to aquire a location fix to be ok but not great.  My mobile phone gets a location fix much faster than the mini.  (phone has all location assist services turned off and is in flight mode)

I think i found the reason.

The inreach has access to 34 orbiting satellites (GPS only)

My phone can communicate with 123 orbiting satellites to triangulate a signal (GPS, Galileo, BDS and GLONASS satellite constellations)

Thats a huge difference.

So can the mini be upgraded via software patch?  or can the garmin earthmate app be improved allow the mini to use the phones location for a fix when connected via bluetooth? 

This would speed up location acquistion time in an emergency and in general navigation and messaging.

It could make the difference between life and death in a scenaro where a person is located in a canyon and out of the line of site of the closest gps satelite orbit.  Then mini  would need to wait minutes or in a worst case scenario hours for another GPS satelites to pass directly overhead. 

In that time several of the satelites of the  other location service constelations like Galileo, BDS and GLONASS could have passed overhead but the mini currently cant talk to them.

Garmin says that adding just GLONASS 31 sats to the GPS's 34 sats decreases location acquisition time by up to 20% ... ErPJevmbJ7

Imagine how much faster it would be if the inreach could talk to GPS, Galileo, BDS and GLONASS satelites either via a software patch or via the earthmate app using a phones location fix.