Mapshare track resolution wacky

My tracks on the Mapshare map are really wacky.    

Yesterday did a probably 200 mile drive- upon syncing my InReach half the route shows the 5 sec dots and half shows the 10 minute dots.  The InReach (Explorer) was never touched during the drive.

I consistently have problems with the Mapshare either not showing the 5 sec dots or it does.  I have been on a so far almost 3 week 2500 mi trip and this inconsistency is annoying.   I sync the dveice every day, assuming I have cell data signal and clear the track log.

How can this be fixed to ALWAYS work?

  • It's not on your end. The web site sometimes fails to properly combine the "sent track" (the 10 minute dots in your example) and the "logged track" (your 5 second dots) into a single track - which is what it SHOULD do. 

    It's a known issue and has been a problem for some time. You might want to open a support call. I doubt that you'll get any immediate resolution, but the more people who report the problem, the more likely it is to get fixed. And you never know, they might have a constructive suggestion or two.