Is it safe to leave an InReach connected to a solar panel for weeks at a time?

I wanted to spec out getting a small solar panel, and just plugging the InReach (Explorer+) in, and leaving it there. Every day it would be topped up from the panel.

What I'm wondering is: is this bad for the battery? Can anybody see any other problems with this plan? Just stick it in tupperware, pop it on the roof, and leave it running continuously?

  • Repeatedly cycling a Li-Ion battery to 100% is not ideal for cell life, especially in a warm environment, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and somewhat less life out of the battery might be the price you have to pay. Other than that it shouldn't hurt anything, although you should try to ensure that the unit (and thus the battery) isn't exposed to temperatures much above 120-130F as this can cause failure of Li-ion cells, sometimes in a spectacular fashion.

  • Specs say charging temperature range is 32 to 113 F. Operating range -4 to 140 F. You need to be careful to avoid letting it get too hot in that container. 

    I don't know how this would impact the lifetime of the battery. Unless there's a really good reason (something better than "it's convenient"), I probably would not do this myself. Better off connecting it only when it needs a charge.