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66S FIT file bug. Exaggerated total ascent.

Hello, using my GPSMAP 66S  to record the activity for a local walk I do often. I have odd results from the 66S.
Here are the symptoms:

  • Actual total ascent is 351m. (Recorded on Epix and it matches the size of the hill)
  • When viewing activity on the 66S it shows total Ascent 799m (descent 800m)
  • When I sync with Garmin Connect the activity shows as having total Ascent of 799m.
  • 66S set to record FIT and GPX.
  • Transfer FIT and GPX files to Base camp.
  • FIT file name format "DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm:ss am/pm" (Start time)
    GPX file name format "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss" (End time)
  • FIT shows exaggerated total ascent. 799m.
    GPX shows correct total ascent.351m.
  • Open FIT file in basecamp. Properties shows individual record points.
    Delete any single line. Just 1. Any one. Then Total ascent shows correctly as 351.

This looks like a bug with the FIT file to me. Especially given it is fixed by deletion of any single point on the activity.

It is frustrating as it means if I use the 66S to record a hike the sync data in Garmin Connect is incorrect.

Any ideas?