Will the new z82 soon available in Japan also be available in Europe?

Here is their official link on their own website from Japan.


I almost bought the Z80 and found on the Garmin website in Japan that there will be soon a z82 released.

But..I am thinking..I have s60 (plus ct10 sensors, truswing and G8) with much needed software improvements. A lot of garmin forum users gave feedback with good ideas for the sware but instead implementing it they released a new s62 watch. Leaving the s60 buyers (400 USD)in the cold with an expensive watch and no new real updates. Sames goes for the g8 . I have no new updates for very long time. And then they released the g80 with missing club distances information making the g8 more useable during game play then the g80 imo. Same for the z80, they released it made one or two minor updates for the battery drainage problem but no real updates for improvements. Slow start up, no scorecard, no club distances, etc. people complained about the z80, crashing no updates, etc. and now they release (soon) a new z82.

I think some people might feel being let down by garmin they way they handle the golf community gadgeteers buying their products.