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Activity showing but scorecards missing and not trace of my round in the "Garmin Golf" app or online

Since coming out of lock down none of the golf I have played is being recorded\passed back to the apps.... when scoring golf it all seems to work fine on the watch - when you save it provides you with a roundup of the score for front and back 9 etc which would suggest it worked fine.

When you sync the device (Bluetooth and via USB and Garmin Express) the scorecards are now missing from the Garmin golf app and online account. Have got the latest version of Gamin Express on PC - and software Version is 3.30. 

Garmin connect app, and the website show the activities as "Golf" and the distance walked etc, but there is no trace of the scorecard anywhere. 

Very frustrating as no longer use a scorecard and rely on my watch for practice rounds.

A number of other threads for different watches have a long list of problems with the same issue - has something gone wrong in the Garmin software? How do you recover the items? and when will it be fixed?

Seems strange to own a golf watch that does not record golf stats. 

  • What you are describing is pointing to an issue with your Approach X40 since there are no scorecards being seen on either your Garmin Golf APP or Garmin Connect online after syncing your saved scorecard. It is good the wellness data is recording and syncing through the Connect Mobile APP but no scorecard points to a bigger issue.

    If you haven't already, please reach out to our Golf Product Support team. We will gladly assist further.