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Some hints and tips (please expand)

I'va been using the watch for over a year now, and like it a lot. It took some time to learn how to use it, though. The manual isn't very comprehensive.
I thought I'd start a topic with the subjects I had to find out myself.
If you have any tips, send me a PM and I'll add your tips to this post.

- You can select your clubs through the web portal Clubs are under the menu item GEAR (not golf...)

- There is no weather forecast on the X40, although the manual says it does. Today's weather should work fine though.

- DST and time zone adjustments come from GPS, so if they are wrong, just start a round of golf.

- If you can't find a setting on the web, it's probably on the watch. And vice versa.

- My weather page wasn't working properly (no weather updates, after a couple of hours or days, it just showed the same weather day and night).
If it is only happening once: delete watch from connect mobile, uninstall connect mobile, (reboot phone,) install connect mobile and connect watch. It worked for me for a while :-( . Other way: delete data from app memory (android). You'll need to re-enter your user credentals and re-pair the phone.
Update Jan 2019: I had disabled weather in Sep 2018 because it just kept stopping to update after some time.
I tried again in Jan 2019, it seems to be working again.

- You can display messages sideways (screen orientation). Setting on the phone, in the bluetooth settings. (Not my first place to look...)

Anything to add? Please let me know.