S40 Scorecard Hole View and Club Performance Data Not Showing in Golf App

The scorecard hole view is not showing shot detail in golf app after syncing

Getting no club performance data or shot detail stats in golf app after syncing

Any ideas or fixes for this?

  • I have the same issue - can only get shot data once I have synced the S40 via the PC and Garmin Express - no longer get the instant data on the Golf app when you finish the round. Using all the latest versions of everything on an iPhone running iOS 14.5.1 - this has been going on for a while now - kept hoping it would get fixed with each update to the Golf app and the Connect app but to n o avail as yet.

  • Same trouble here.

    The Iphone Garmin Golf app (the one with the green Icon) shows, after connected and synched to S60, graphics for every played hole -  the S40 show only figures in the list, but no graphics at all. 

    In the Appstore description the S40 is listed, so intentional graphics display should function similar to the S60 ?

    This is behaviour is since several firmware versions the same.

    And yes, Garmin support is not supportive at all, they do simply not answer. 

    Does Anybody have a possible solution for this ?

  • Hello, can you provide a screenshot of the scorecard missing the graphical detail? I'd like to take a look at this issue. 

  • Hi Rob, 

    first of all I'd like to thank you for your kind interest in this problem.

    I include two screenshots from the green Garmin Golf app, when "Scorecards" is selected view.

    1) from my wife's S40 without any graphics

    2) from my S60 with graphics, as intended.

    Best Bob

    1) S40 after synchronisation still  without any graphics

    2) S60  with all fairway graphics, as it should be.